Bethania Kids Foundation Celebration, Concert & Dinner
  • 15300 New Hampshire Ave
    Silver Spring, MD 20905

  • Sanctuary & Great Room

Bethania Kids Foundation Celebration, Concert & Dinner

St. Andrew Celebration of Bethania Kids
Welcome special guests from Bethania Kids India on their 30th Anniversary “Tour of Love”:
Josephine Selvan – Longtime Staff Member and Director of Care Homes
Christal Margret – Bethania Graduate, Nurse

Morning Worship & Fellowship at 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00 am
Meet & Greet Josephine & Margret. Hear their stories and learn more about their ministry.

Festival of Hymns & Organ at 4:00 pm
Enjoy favorite hymns and lively selections played by a variety of accomplished organists. Praise God, relish the memories and have fun! Free will offering at the concert to benefit Bethania Kids Foundation.

A Dinner of Delectable Indian Cuisine, Immediately Following the Concert
Savor the cuisine of India, prepared to delight any palate! Freshly baked bread & pastries, dumplings, tender chicken and beef, aromatic rice, sweets and more!

  • Samosas: flaky pastry filled with potatoes, onions, and peas
  • Papadams: light crispy snacks, like large chips
  • Vada: savory snacks in doughnut shapes
  • Keema matar: traditional dish of mouth-watering ground beef and peas
  • Chicken Korma: in a creamy sauce with tomatoes and cashews
  • Channa dal: chick-peas in a light, flavorful sauce
  • Aloo gobi: cumin-flavored cauliflower and potatoes
  • Basmati rice: light and fluffy
  • Naan: tasty bread cooked in a clay oven
  • Kheer: mouth-watering creamy warm rice dessert
  • Gulab jamun: yummy dessert dumplings in a sweet syrup

Dinner Tickets: $10 pp in advance;  $5 per child (4-11); FREE for under 3s.  All Proceeds will Benefit Bethania Kids Foundation! Have Questions or Willing to Help?  Contact Sue Zimmerman ( or Connie Rehman (

Get more details on Bethania Kids & the ongoing Goods Collection HERE.

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