Common Ground – Fall 2017

Common Ground – Fall 2017

Join friends for a casual dinner, devotions, and an early evening of learning and growing in fellowship and faith!

Wednesday Evenings
September 13 – November 1

Dinner at 6:00 pm
Informal Praise & Prayer at 6:30 pm
Group Time 6:40-7:40 pm
Closing on “Common Ground” at 7:45 pm

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A. Lost Books: Ancient Texts that Didn’t Make the Biblical “Cut”
Do you realize that many ancient writings about God exist beyond those included in Holy Scripture? Come to discover how writings were selected for the Biblical Canon, why some were intentionally left out, and what perspectives these texts and the process can offer us today.  Led by Pastor Steve Miller. 4 sessions. (9/13-10/4)

B. The Other Talk: Sharing Wishes with Loved Ones
This is not the family talk about “birds and bees” – it’s the OTHER talk that everyone needs to have, sooner rather than later.  Get insights about how families can open this important discussion to share thoughts and make plans about finances, wills, and advanced directives. Relevant for people at all ages and stages! Led by Jeanine McGrath, RN and Pastor Ken and Carolyn Carlson.  4 sessions. (9/13-10/4)

C. Mission Report: How & Where God’s Kingdom is Advancing Today
Despite the discouraging news we often hear, God’s Kingdom is indeed flourishing in many diverse ways and places.  This series will feature hopeful examples presented by guest speakers Pastor Yared Halche on the Mekane Yesus Church, Ethiopia; Pastor Teka Obsa on ministry to the Oromo people from Ethiopia; Pastor Ron Friedrich on ministry to the deaf; Larry Zimmerman on Bethania Kids, India; Pastor Stuart Chimes and Bruce & Sarita Winter on Mi Refugio, Guatemala; and Tina Jasion on ministry in the Sandtown neighborhood of Baltimore.  8 sessions. (9/13-11/1)

D.  Let’s Talk Race & Religion
Join us for important and timely conversations around issues such as white privilege, “color blindness,” and the Bible’s guidance and direction on our role as Christians.  Weekly discussions will be based on readings, videos, and personal experiences. Facilitated by Deb Poese with the support of several guest speakers.  6 sessions. (9/13-10/18)

F.  Luther & the Reformation
As the 500th anniversary of the Reformation approaches, review Luther’s journey to “grace alone” and learn how it changed the world in his time, and has continued to reverberate through the centuries since.  Led by Pastor Steve Miller & Stan Jackson. 4 sessions. (10/12-11/1)

G. Sacred Music: History & Stories
The music of worship is rich and varied.  This series will explore sacred music from a variety of angles.  First, Andy Barnett of the Washington National Cathedral will share music from Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas, and discuss how these genres can blend beautifully into worship life. Next, Greg Twombley will discuss and demonstrate the tradition of musical improvisation in worship over thousands of years.  In the third session, Professor of Music Molly Donnelly will share stories and perspective on Mendelssohn’s Elijah, a magnificent example of Biblical storytelling through music.  Finally, Riki Schoppert will offer tips and insight on how to select just the right piece of music for any sacred occasion.    4 sessions. (9/13-10/4)